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Yes, my roommate has officially left Kalayaan Residence Hall. Her flight to Gen San was yesterday. Anyway, I will surely miss her. We don’t really talk as often as some roomies do, but I’ve gotten so used to her being here.

We have this comfortable thing going on; she’s used to having my friends over, and I’m used to her being gone every now and then because she goes to her friends’ rooms. We’re not that close, but I’ve talked to her about many things. And we’ve shared some really funny stories.

What I like the most about my roomie is that she’s really nice, which is something you can’t easily find in people these days. IDEK how she survived 10 months with me, because personally, I think I’m not a very good roomie. As I said, my friends are always here in our room, and when they’re not, I’m usually in one of their rooms. You get the picture. I guess Karla & I didn’t get to bond as much as others have because we both have high school batchmates staying in the same dorm. But we got along well, that’s what I can say.

And isn’t she sweet…leaving me a note like this? I was really touched when I read it. :”>