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Only yesterday

So, last night, I wasn’t able to post about my day because 1) we got back way too late — 12:01am, to be exact, and 2) Emman borrowed my laptop. Anyway, I get to blog now, so I am happy.

Yesterday wasn’t that eventful until around five in the afternoon.

That’s the Christmas tree here in Kalayaan Residence Hall, which has been our home for the past months. See those gifts? They’re for the exchange gift we had before we went to Katipunan to have our dinner/Christmas party.

And these are the members of our UPD family. Heehee.

The matakaw group, who finished a group meal good for 7-8 persons when there are just four of us. I know, I know.

Another group pic. Obviously, we had dinner at Shakey’s. The two people beside me (the ones who are also sitting) are our Japanese friends.

That’s just two of the many stuffed toys our guy friends snagged from the *whatdyoucallthat* in the arcade.

The after-party. McDonald’s. Where we played an epic game of Pinoy Henyo. Pigsa FTW!

He’s our Japanese friend who guessed pigsa in Pinoy Henyo. Hahaha, I can’t get over how funny he was.

And that, friends, is what you call an awesome night.

(Photos belong to: Roni Gerpacio, Pau Requesto, and yours truly)

On a lighter note…

I’m down to the last day. Today is my Tumblr birthday! So here’s the second to the last installment of blessings:

Tuesday - 12/13/11

113. Watched Maid in Manhattan during our last HRIM 100 class for this year instead of the planned reporting. I was so kilig! Also, it was our last Math 100 class for this year, even though we could have class ‘til Friday. Cool prof is cool.

114. Ate siomai and shawarma rice for lunch with my blockmates. There are numerous food stalls around the UP Acad Oval, so I was tempted to eat outside the dorm.

115. Fun meeting of CALABARZON people here in our dorm. Go Laguna! Teehee.

116. My mom’s good news! I don’t wanna give details but here’s a clue: My nickname finally suits me.

Two days left!

Monday - 12/12/11

109. Last exam for the year! Math 100 LE was..well, not that hard.

110. Ate breakfast at McDo with my mom before heading to the dorm. I had Big Breakfast ‘cause I’m that takaw.

111. Jogged/walked around the acad oval twice. Then I did crunches after. It was my first time to do that alone! Haha.

112. Did something for a friend. Feels good to help out. :)

Last weekend of the countdown.

Saturday - 12/10/11

101. The thought that I’m now typing 3-digit numbers. So many blessings to thank God for. :-)

102. Econ exam wasn’t that hard. At least I hope I did get a high score.

103. Went to Robinsons Town Mall LB to buy a gift for my monito for our “Christmas Party” on Wednesday. Weeee. I’m so excited!

104. Merienda from KFC, dinner at home was Sinigang, which is my fave. My tummy is happy. Hahaha, what.

Sunday - 12/11/11

105. Spam and egg for breakfast! 

106. Growing Up! Daniel Padilla. :”> Yep, proud Kapamilya right here.

107. Pizza @ my lola’s friend’s house. Hahaha. It’s their high school batch’s reunion, which happens every month. I wonder if our batch will be like them in the future.

108. Define rest day. I didn’t even study for my Math exam. Hahaha, I’m such a good student.

100 already! :)

Friday - 12/09/11

97. PE class. Though it was so tiring, I know it’s the kind of thing that pays off.

98. Delicious lunch. Sweet and sour fish fillet. (Take note: I had lunch at the dorm. No regrets!)

99. Econ 11. Srsly. At least I’m studying something I actually understand. Plus, what we learn actually has an application in life.

100. My friends. We’ve been through a lot, and I must say we have grown up since those times when we walked in the rain, broke rules, and secretly got mad at each other. We still aren’t perfect, but we have learned our lesson in friendship, which is to accept each other. Really accept each other. (Yeah, it’s long ‘cause it’s the 100th blessing. And it’s not a material thing, too.)

Thursday - 12/08/11

93. I was able to make up for all those late nights. Slept in until 9:30am! (I missed one class though. All I missed was the checking of our looong quiz, so..)

94. Bazaar at the AS Parking Lot. Online shops were there. I bought three earrings for 100php and a water container for 60php. I wish I had more money! (I’ll post pictures later)

95. Finished my review of Noli Me Tangere: The Opera for Kom 1.

96. Time for blogging and thinking. :-)

Wednesday - 12/07/11

89. Lunch with my friend Miriam at the Shopping Center. Any meal eaten outside our dorm is a blessing for me. Okay? Hahaha.

90. Early dismissal! Math class was cancelled, so by 2pm, I was already free~!

91. And the effect of ^ is that I got to spazz and Tumblr.

92. Chikahan with Angel and Ate Pau, who room-hopped to our room. (That sounds wrong. HAHA.)

Monday - 12/05/11

81. Plenty of time to kill since I arrived at the dorm super early.

82. Internet all day long.

83. Jollibee breakfast with my mom.

84. Lighting of Christmas lights here in UPD. There were special performances, such as one by UP Pep Squad. Also, we (my batchmates and I) walked around to see the decorations of the different colleges.

Tuesday - 12/06/11

85. Noli Me Tangere The Opera was great! I heard some people saying it was kinda boring, but for me it wasn’t. The actors were great, the props were realistic, and the sound effects were remarkable, too. Some parts were unclear, though, but that’s probably because they used some deep Filipino words. Plus, they delivered most of the lines through songs.

86. McDo dinner (yes, again) with Ate Pau (again). Never gets old.

87. Good mood all day.

88. Finished the Kom 1 seat plan. FINALLY.

Lalala weekend.

Saturday - 12/03/11

73. Went to Moonleaf eLBi with Erin and Ate Kim.

(For those who’ll go there, look for the notes we left on their freedom wall!)

74. Took photos and strolled around the CPark. Yep, it’s been a while since I got to do that, so.. I enjoyed. Also, Erin and I got to chat for a while.

75. Dinner at KFC. Another thing I haven’t done in a long time.

76. Borrowed a pair of shades from my tita! Actually, I guess I took it from her. And it’s mine now, bwahaha!

Sunday - 12/04/11

77. Yummy breakfast c/o none other than *drumrolls* my mom!

78. Looooong nap during the afternoon.

79. Gandang Gabi Vice!

80. Mernel’s chocolate cake + Running Man EP 63 ft. SNSD = HAPPINESS

Friday - 12/02/11

69. Bon Chon lunch with my friend and blockmate Miriam. Yum!

70. Tiring yet fun PE class.

71. Four hours of travel to Laguna and I wasn’t bored. All ‘cause I had a loooong talk with Ramon about uber random stuff — from luxury cars to toys during our childhood. We never got tired of talking. Hahaha.

72. Chicken adobo and coleslaw prepared by my mom for dinner. The best!

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Wednesday - 11/30/11

61. A very good end to an eventful month.

62. Hung out with batchmates (Aly, Roni, Matt, Ate Pau) at Trinoma. FUN FUN FUN. :D

63. BBQ popcorn, McDo dinner, and Happy Lemon milk tea! Happy me, too, because I love eating, hahaha. :)

64. Picture-taking and strolling with Ate Pau and Matt at SM North EDSA Sky Garden.

Thursday - 12/01/11

65. Woke up just in time to prepare for my 7am class even though I forgot to set the alarm. ‘Cause our room is at the side where the sun rises in the morning.

66. Long nap after my first class.

67. I found out that my phone could be charged through my laptop. That’s a good thing because my charger isn’t working.

68. Our room is quiet and private. I have personal space most of the time, which isn’t the case for others’ rooms where there are always a lot of people room-hopping.

Oh, the Christmas season is really here now. DECEMBER NA!

Monday - 11/28/11

53. Safe travel to UPD.

54. Good friends!

55. Food at home. Mostly leftovers from the day before, but still, I love food cooked by anyone from our family.

56. Slept early.

Tuesday - 11/29/11

57.  After one hour and a half of standing and waiting alone, I finally got to buy 7 tickets for Noli Me Tangere: The Opera. 

58. Good news from my mom! Gosh I’m excited for her. I haven’t stopped crossing my fingers though. Hahaha.

59. Lola’s 63rd birthday. And the promise of more years of living for her. :)

60. The ‘acquaintance party’ at our dorm exceeded my expectations. (Even though my expectations weren’t really high in the first place)

14 days to go ‘til my Tumblr birthday!

Weekend. <3

Saturday - 11/26/11

45. New cute backpack from Davao given by my dad.

46. Double cheeseburger from McDo. Hahaha.

47. Being home, with family.

48. Seeing my dog. Heehee. I miss her already.

Sunday - 11/27/11

49. Lola’s 63rd birthday celebration.

50. Loads of food — Buko salad, Upside down cake with butter icing, Kare-kare, Pancit, Shanghai.

51. Internet access c/o my tita.

52. Draw lots for exchange gifts this Christmas! Yay~

Blessings piling up, oh yeah.

Three days means more things to be thankful for.

Wednesday - 11/23/11

33. Long walk, which I wrote about here.

34. My prof in Kom 1 said she’ll look for the poem I wrote for our diagnostic writing which I put under her door at the Faculty Center.

35. My friend Miriam and I ate lunch at Bon Chon. It was my first time and I have to say the fried chicken was worth the price. For 150pesos, you get 2pcs chicken with rice and drinks. It isn’t the usual fried chicken, since Bon Chon is Korean-inspired, but it was delish. I even ordered extra rice, which I don’t usually do. (How come I write about food all the time? HAHA)

36. Inspiration to strive hard. <3

Thursday - 11/23/11

37. Dinner at Flaming Wings with Emman, Matt, and Ate Pau. Satisfied cravings!

38. Fully Booked. Just looking at all those books and pretty notebooks gave me GV’s. I wish I bought something tho. Maybe next time.

39. Heart-to-heart talk with Ate Pau in her room. She allowed me to read her diary!

40. My own patience. Which was tested that night.

Friday - 11/24/11

41. The thought of going home~ And traveling alone. ;)

42. New book borrowed from Emman!

43. Got my green envelope, scissors, and scotch tape back after panicking for almost two hours.

44. Giant Christmas tree lighting @Elbi. I’ll post pictures soon.

Simula palang ng linggo, busy na agad!

(Namiss ko tuloy ang two days ng countdown. Anyway, here goes.)

Monday - 11/21/11

25. No need to commute from Laguna to UPD. Got a ride with Angel.

26. Failed lunch. Tokyo Tokyo with Angel and Emman. American maki! <3

27. Gong Cha House Special Earl Grey Milk Tea was delish. (Yep, all I talk about is food)

28. Laughtrip inside the jeepney on our way back to Kalay about loads of stuff such as the boksingero accdg. to Angel. It took me hours to get over that one. =))

Tuesday - 11/22/11

29. Watched Breaking Dawn with Ate Pau @Trinoma. It was worth it. I have to admit, I was kilig at some scenes (their honeymoon OM) even though Edward and Bella’s love story is so typical.

30. Window shopping. F-U-N. With a friend who likes fashion, too; it becomes even more awesome.

31. I finished washing my PE uniform and writing the content of our report in Kom 1. Oh, and I understood our lesson in Math 100 and HRIM 100! My laziness < my desire to be a University Scholar. Thank you Lord.

32. Emman and his kindness. I got to eat dinner (seafood cup noodles) because he was generous enough to give me food.

I’ve been receiving a lot of blessings lately; it’s getting hard to cram them into four numbers each day. Thank you Lord. :-)