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Na na na na na na na na…

Nope, that’s not what you think it is. *insert innocent look*

LOL. Anyway, it’s summer! But here are reasons why it isn’t for me yet:

  1. I have to finish my clearance from Kalayaan Residence Hall.
  2. Some of my grades haven’t been released yet.
  3. I might take summer classes in UPLB.

And here are the signs that my head is already very much having its vacation:

  1. My writing sucks.
  2. I’m always bored. And hot.
  3. I have zero money.
  4. I don’t have internet access most of the time.
  5. I’ve been watching episodes and episodes of different TV series.
  6. New books to read. Sadly, they’re mostly ebooks.
  7. I’m listening to stuff like the one with lyrics I used in the title of this post. See how I’m avoiding actually saying the name of the song or artist.

Okay, I wasted enough time writing senseless things.

Yes, my roommate has officially left Kalayaan Residence Hall. Her flight to Gen San was yesterday. Anyway, I will surely miss her. We don’t really talk as often as some roomies do, but I’ve gotten so used to her being here.

We have this comfortable thing going on; she’s used to having my friends over, and I’m used to her being gone every now and then because she goes to her friends’ rooms. We’re not that close, but I’ve talked to her about many things. And we’ve shared some really funny stories.

What I like the most about my roomie is that she’s really nice, which is something you can’t easily find in people these days. IDEK how she survived 10 months with me, because personally, I think I’m not a very good roomie. As I said, my friends are always here in our room, and when they’re not, I’m usually in one of their rooms. You get the picture. I guess Karla & I didn’t get to bond as much as others have because we both have high school batchmates staying in the same dorm. But we got along well, that’s what I can say.

And isn’t she sweet…leaving me a note like this? I was really touched when I read it. :”>

Since I couldn’t find any other picture of us together, here goes. This was taken last year, on Roni’s birthday celebration.

Say Hi to Angel, one of my closest friends. She just had her 17th birthday last Thursday (March 29). :)

Angel’s my high school batchmate. We were never classmates, except in Math during 3rd year. But we were friends then. We weren’t in the same circle, but I have always enjoyed our occasional chitchats.

And now that college arrived…we became close friends. We live in the same dorm, and we’re on the same floor. She loves dressing up more than I do, which is really good. Also, we are on the same wavelength when it comes to a lot of things.

During the first week of college, and the many weeks that came after that, Angel became my adventure buddy. Most of my college adventures were with her. She’s that cool. (HAHAHA shit I can’t believe I’m actually saying she’s cool, eww)

Anyway, it’s not really just the fun stuff that I like about my friendship with her. She’s also a really, really good person. She’s true. A real friend. I know life isn’t easy, and both of us have gone through really rough stuff during our first year in college. She’s gone through a lot, but she’s a strong girl. And I’ll always be there for her. We’ll always be there for her, Ate Pau & I.

So…this is really cheesy and shit. I better end it with this: Happy birthday bitch! Thanks for the food & the resort last night! >:)< Luff yaaaah. (She likes saying that, HAHAHA)

Unguarded — Dormers Night Out.

The night I tested the “Party hard, Study harder” thing. And yes, my Econ exam went well even though I went out the night before. I said I won’t post pictures until I see the exam results, so. Here goes :)

Pizza Hut date with one of the most important people in my college life, Ate Pau. :) We had pizza, too, but it was all gone before we remembered to take a picture. HAHAHA.

"Party hard, study harder!"

This is going to be my motto during the rest of my college life. Hahaha. Why the sudden idea?

Well, it’s ‘cause I kind of practiced that this morning. I went to the Dormers’ Night Out at Blue Onion Eastwood. It’s a party for UP dormers. I wasn’t supposed to go because I have the Econ 11 exam today. However, Ate Pau had no one to go with, and she persuaded me to go. She paid for my ticket, just so I’d accompany her.

So, yes, I went to a party the night before a major exam. It was fun, so I don’t regret going. There were a lot of fellow Kalayaan dormers, and some of the candidates for the USC election last Thursday were also there. For me, there wasn’t really anything remarkable about the party itself. It was just like any other party. But, as I said, it was fun, like a party should be.

The highlights of the Dormers’ Night Out for us are:

  1. Seeing Keiko, our batchmate. I haven’t seen her for quite a long time. Of course, being Keiko, she was again wearing wow-clothes. She’s a fashionista and a shopaholic, so no wonder. :) We met a couple of her friends, too, and one of them even joined us.
  2. Ate Pau losing her cellphone. We searched for it inside Blue Onion, we checked our bags, etc. When someone finally answered Ate Pau’s calls, she found out that she left it inside the taxi we rode to Eastwood. Good thing the driver was kind enough to return it.
  3. Our newly-acquired crush dancing with someone else. </3 I won’t say who, because of reasons. Hahaha.

That’s pretty much it. It’s my first party with Ate Pau, so it’s worth remembering. Also, it’s the first Dormers’ Night Out ever held. At least, that’s what they said.

And my exam? I think it went well. I hope the results are good, because if they’re not, I’ll have to pay Ate Pau for the ticket and also bear with my own guilt. Econ’s my fave subject this sem so I really wanna ace it. :D

So, everyone, I’ll just update you if my motto worked the first time I tried it. We’ll see. ;-)

This will be my last post for today.

  1. I am actually hoping that the title of this post will prove to be true. I have an exam in Econ 11 tomorrow so I need to review.
  2. Right now, though, I’m just chillin’ on my friend’s (Ate Pau) bed here in the dorm. She’s not yet here, but her electric fan is bigger and better than the one in my room so I decided to stay. I’ve got the hot weather to blame, LOL.
  3. Daaaamn, how I wish I’d get a perfect score in our exam tomorrow.
  4. Also, I wish I still had money so I could go to this bazaar at the World Trade Center & buy lots of clothes.
  5. I’m broke. Like, I only have money for my fare to Laguna.
  6. I still think about him. I still freaking reply to his messages. And I still entertain him. Even though I know this might never lead to anything good.
  7. That’s probably the most negative part of my life. HIM.

Just chillin’ around, sitting on my red couch inside my room. LOLJK. That’s in our hotel room, before my roommate & I said goodbye to the comforts it offered. (Drama, hahaha)

Hotel Weekend (Feb 25 & 26 ‘12)

I just realized I never posted about our Hotel Weekend. Well, except from the previous photoset. :)

With my blockmate/friend Miriam before the seminar started during our Hotel Weekend at Hyatt Hotel Manila. Yes, camwhore mode was on, so.. :)

Day 36: what you think about your friends

I have quite a number of friends, and what I can say about them in general is that they’re really different from each other. I even have friends who hate each other, or simply don’t belong in the same group/circle.

My closest friends, though, are the ones I met in high school. I’ve gone to different circles during high school, but there are those people whom I have stayed friends with until now that I’m in college. Actually, I am still friends with most of my elementary friends, too. Heehee.

As much as I’d like to introduce each of them & add in some descriptions, I can’t for it will make this post too long. Even if I just talk about my closest friends, there are still quite a lot of them. I am planning to introduce them in separate posts when I have time & inspiration to do so. :)

I’ll just say, then, that I love all my friends. Although misunderstandings cannot be avoided, and each of us at some point have done something that one or more of the others don’t approve of, the point is that the friendship remains. I value those friends who have stayed, up to now, even after a lot of issues & such. And those who have already left are always free to go back, if they ever want to. I also don’t just close myself to my present friendships, because I always give room to new ones. Of course, though, I cherish those that are here now.

I can totally feel the pressure now.

I hope it’s not too late, but I am finally pressured to do my best. I also hope it’s going to last, because this drive has to stay with me or else I’ll be slacking off again.

Why this sudden need to do everything in my power to achieve my goals?

Well, my mom reminded me of them. My goals. Like doing good enough in ALL my subjects so I can shift & also so I can be proud of myself and make them proud of me, too. It has been a long time since I achieved something big, and I miss the feeling.

I must learn to prioritize and to love what I’m doing. So, this means I should appreciate CW 10 even if it is the most boring class I have this sem. Yes, and the same goes for HRIM 100, Econ 11, Math 100, Kom 1, & even PE.

Help me, Lord.

Day 34: your horoscope for today and whether you think it’s accurate

Your head is somewhat in the clouds today, Taurus. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just means that it’s difficult for you to get any work done. Much as you’d rather be elsewhere, you really do need to stay focused on the projects at hand. By all means, plan an exit strategy from the mundane routine of your day-to-day life, but don’t expect to make your escape today.”

Funny, but this is actually quite accurate. Especially the part “it’s difficult for you to get any work done” ‘cause that’s actually happening right at this very moment. I should really focus, or else, I’ll make a complete fool of myself tomorrow at our reporting for CW 10. I’ve been putting this off for so long & now it’s inevitable. I also didn’t do anything outside my routine, but I plan to, soon. :)

Maybe I should do these alone.

The title may suggest it, but this is not an emo-shit kind of post. Hahaha.

I have a few errands to run and since I know I’m the only one among our circle who has a weird schedule on a Thursday, I’d probably just do these things alone.

  • Have the waiver for our Hotel Weekend in HRIM 100 scanned. I need to send it to my mom’s email so she can sign it.
  • Get my ATM card at BPI Katipunan.
  • Look for a smart casual outfit for the hotel tour.
  • Buy other stuff that I need.

I don’t want to waste time ‘cause tomorrow will be another tiring day and today’s schedule is ideal. Wish me luck! :)

Oh, and btw, I wouldn’t really mind if someone suddenly replied to my text and tell me he/she can come with me as I do these things. Hahaha.