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Our family being weird and all during my cousin’s birthday. We celebrated it by having a picnic at the freedom park in UPLB. The birthday girl (Rianne) is the one carrying my uke in one of the photos. :)

The 19th of June is probably one of God’s favorite dates. It’s Jose Rizal’s birthday, after all. And well… 20 years ago, on this date, my girl was born. Either God is always in a good mood on June 19’s, or I’m just being utterly corny.

Anyway, Cara’s birthday this year is the second one she’s spending with me in her life. Last year, though, we weren’t together together. She spent the whole day with her family. I didn’t even get to see her. Today, I got lucky ‘cause it’s a school day and I was able to take her out on a date before she went home.

I wanted to take her somewhere that would surprise her… So I decided on Cocina Juan, since she loves Mexican food (especially burritos) and I saw that it has many good reviews. She knows the place, ‘cause we always see it, but she doesn’t know what they serve so it was still a surprise (thank God).

The obligatory “before” couple photo. Excuse the messy hair.

The birthday girl doing what she loves the most — being lazy.

The burrito, a.k.a. Chimichangas. I surprisingly liked it a lot. I’m not a big fan of Mexican food, but this one… Ahh, it was worth it. And it’s big enough to share, too. Plus, my girl enjoyed it immensely! She’s the fan, and she said she liked how it wasn’t too cheesy, and that the wrap was crunchy.

And now… The pork ribs with chimichurri sauce and rice. Damn, do you see how big that is? Cara loved this one, too. She said the meat was cooked medium rare, and that’s how it should be. Well, she’s the more meticulous one, so… But I loved it, too. The sauce complemented well with the meat. It was just perfect for us.

All smiles when the food arrived! :) Eating good food together has always been something that bonded us.

And, well, making fun of each other is another one.

The “after” couple photo. I think we became a little fatter after the incredibly filling lunch. We didn’t stop there, though. ‘Cause we couldn’t not have dessert.

So we went to Cupcakes by Gremlins. And it didn’t disappoint!

I know she’ll get mad at me for posting this, because she didn’t like how she looked in this photo… But I did, as always. Besides, the oreo cupcake was really good!

She liked this photo better than the previous one. That’s blueberry cheesecake she’s holding, and it was delicious, too.

I know, I know. From the lack of detail in my descriptions to the sucky photos, you could say that I’m not at all an acceptable food blogger. Well, I’m not one. This day’s just really special that I felt the need to document it.

I could go on and on about how lucky I am that she’s in this world and in my life. The least I could do is make myself worthy. Not everyone gets to have the chance to meet someone who could be like how Cara is to me. This is getting cheesier by the minute, but who cares? I would do this (make a fool out of myself by blogging about food) all the time if it meant I could keep her.

Happy birthday, love. You deserve to have special days like this one, and more. And I would love to take part in those great moments that would come. :)


I’ve known SM (Sarah Melissa) even before I was a part of 7xi. She was the muse of Dao back in 1st year high school and I being an upperclass and a former Dao  student, had to “coach” her, along with her escort, for the annual Mr. and Ms. Freshman. I remember they “The Start of Something New” and danced something. HAHA! Well, Sarah didn’t win…fortunately.

We were also members of the same club but since I belonged to a different batch then, we really didn’t talk that much. Things changed after coming home from Japan. I was new to the batch and I remember SM being the first one to talk to me during our summer review classes. She actually welcomed me to her class and eventually, to the batch. Her barkada eventually became my barkada and we were now in the same clique. She wasn’t my classmate in 4th year but occasionally talked to each other.

I don’t know how our “being really good friends” started. But it was in 1st year college. We were in the same dormitory and same wing. I always borrowed her laptop and honestly, used it more than she does. I remember sleeping in her room (at her desk, actually) ‘cause I fangirl-ed using her computer. A LOT. I also remember that her first violation was because of me. I remember, walking around the department store with her and pretending to see each other 5 years from now. I remember sleeping on her bed while she couldn’t ‘cause I occupied the entire space. I remember using her phone to call him at midnight to greet him a happy birthday. I remember crying to her about him. I remember viewing XXX sites at the dormitory. :)) I remember her beating me at Kinect despite her being a really bad dancer. I remember drinking the night out. I remember going to my first college party with her. I remember her being there for me when I was really sad. I remember her being a really good friend…

And we still are. Despite not seeing each other very often, we still find time to see each other and catch up. I know she’s happy with everything that’s happening in her life (or probably not because of what happened to her acads, but still God has a better plan for her.) I really don’t like putting labels on the kind of friendship we have but I know and I feel that SM is a true friend. 

Happy Birthday, SM! Welcome to the world of young adults. I wish you happiness and pain; success and failure— cause all of these will make us better persons. I wish us infinite years of friendship. Like I’ve said in my text, I’m always here to support and cheer you. And I’m always here to listen and make puna when needed. Love you, girl! 

Awww sweet friend :”> Thank you Ate Pau! <3 Looking forward to more years of friendship! I love you :*


Mom’s birthday

Yes, my mom’s birthday this year was the day before Mother’s Day. :) So, the whole weekend was hers. My brother & I surprised her by going to her workplace. She didn’t have any idea that we’d be there, and her reaction when she saw us was priceless. She introduced me to her office-mates — I even met her boss! And the salesladies, too. How awkward it was hearing them talk about me when I’m right in front of them, I can’t describe. Hahaha! We had dinner at Shakey’s after, where the pictures were taken. I kept on teasing my brother about not having any contribution at all, which was totally true! Anyway, it was a great weekend. :)


Hi Sam! :P

I just realized I haven’t uploaded your birthday pictures yet… on Facebook.


Thanks Ate! Love yah! :)

Things I want for my birthday

  • My friends. I want to spend time with them, whether before, on, or after my exact birthday.
  • My family. Of course we’ll probably celebrate, but probably not on the day itself ‘cause my mom can’t get that day off. As long as we get to celebrate, that’s fine with me.
  • External hard drive. I’ve been wanting this since Christmas.
  • New phone. Preferably BB. That comes with a postpaid plan. Globe. Hahaha! Demanding?!
  • Books. Yes, with an s. The Hunger Games series, Percy Jackson series, The Fault in Our Stars, Dance Dance Dance, etc. As long as it’s a good read, I’d appreciate it.
  • Faded maong shorts.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Summer dress.
  • Jeans. Slim cut. LOL.
  • More tops.
  • Stuffed toys, big ones. Like, not very big ones but the kind I could hug.
  • PEACE ON EARTH. HAHAHA. If you know what I mean.

I’m not expecting anyone to give me these. Actually, I’ll get some of these for myself. I HOPE. :)

Since I couldn’t find any other picture of us together, here goes. This was taken last year, on Roni’s birthday celebration.

Say Hi to Angel, one of my closest friends. She just had her 17th birthday last Thursday (March 29). :)

Angel’s my high school batchmate. We were never classmates, except in Math during 3rd year. But we were friends then. We weren’t in the same circle, but I have always enjoyed our occasional chitchats.

And now that college arrived…we became close friends. We live in the same dorm, and we’re on the same floor. She loves dressing up more than I do, which is really good. Also, we are on the same wavelength when it comes to a lot of things.

During the first week of college, and the many weeks that came after that, Angel became my adventure buddy. Most of my college adventures were with her. She’s that cool. (HAHAHA shit I can’t believe I’m actually saying she’s cool, eww)

Anyway, it’s not really just the fun stuff that I like about my friendship with her. She’s also a really, really good person. She’s true. A real friend. I know life isn’t easy, and both of us have gone through really rough stuff during our first year in college. She’s gone through a lot, but she’s a strong girl. And I’ll always be there for her. We’ll always be there for her, Ate Pau & I.

So…this is really cheesy and shit. I better end it with this: Happy birthday bitch! Thanks for the food & the resort last night! >:)< Luff yaaaah. (She likes saying that, HAHAHA)

happy birthday sooyoung!


i’m reblogging this on my main blog ‘cause it’s her birthday!! :-)