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Day 49: are you a lover or a fighter

Oh, but can’t I be both? No? Hahaha, okay.

I guess I’m more of a lover. I don’t like fighting. Unless it’s for love. HAHAHA WTF am I saying?

This doesn’t make much sense to me, actually. I don’t get how you can’t be a lover AND a fighter at the same time. ‘Cause really, I think that if you’re a lover, you also become a fighter — in a good way, of course.

Day 48: your life story in three words

It goes on.

Day 47: is the truth always good to hear, why or why not

The truth isn’t always good. Like they say, sometimes, the truth hurts. (LOL how cliche can I get) However, I guess it would still be better to know the truth than to believe a lie. At least, when you know the truth, may it be good or bad, you can plan your next move according to it, and maybe then a good thing will come out of it.

Day 46: what makes you smile

  • Long conversations
  • Shopping
  • Sweet good morning texts
  • Pretty summer dresses
  • New books
  • Good night calls
  • True friends
  • Milk tea
  • A loved-one’s smile
  • Little things about me being remembered by someone
  • Good memories
  • Solving problems
  • Finishing a project I worked hard for
  • Finally cleaning up my room
  • Adding new songs to my playlist
  • Secrets
  • Unbroken promises
  • Old pictures
  • Blueberry cheesecake
  • Writing something that makes sense
  • Inside jokes
  • Oreos
  • Dogs
  • Going to new places
  • Walking around without rush or destination
  • Having a yummy breakfast
  • Or a yummy lunch
  • Being underwater (uhm, the thought of it, I mean. It’s pretty hard to smile underwater, you know.)
  • Cute little kids
  • Pretty notebooks/journals

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure I missed many other things, though. :)

Day 45: when was the last time you tried something new

I’m not sure when exactly, but it started when I stopped being so conscious about what others will think. It’s a good feeling — not giving a damn about those people who don’t really care about me but instead about whether I’ll make a mess of myself or not. Of course, I still think about some people’s opinions, but not too much that I forget to be myself. Happiness comes first from oneself, so it just makes sense that I make myself happy before I can actually make others happy, or before I could get extra happiness from them.

I used to be scared of what others think about me, my actions, my looks, etc…and now, I’ve tried avoiding that. That’s one “something new” that matters. :)

Day 44: when is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just do what you know is right


I’m not saying you shouldn’t think of the consequence of your actions. It is, however, more important to do what will make you happy. I believe your own opinion about whether something is right or not should come first, before you think of how big a risk it is, or if you’ll get a reward for it.

Life is meant to be lived. And doing what you think is right — not what others believe, or what the society dictates —is probably the first step towards that.

Day 43: is it possible to lie without saying a word

Lying is basically not telling the truth. They say actions speak louder than words, so yes. It is possible to lie without saying a word. One can be lying through his/her actions. And that, I think, is an even deeper kind of lie.

Day 42: your best friend just died, what is your reaction

Oh, I don’t even want to think about it…

Hmm, I’ll cry, of course. Thinking of that now actually gets tears in my eyes, you know. I can’t live without my best friend. We may be far apart, but I love her. She avoids judging me every single time that I do something stupid, bad, or just plain weird. And…I don’t know. It would be hard waking up, knowing she won’t be there to answer my calls & my text messages, and make me feel better. Or just make me feel less alone.

Hayyy. This is too depressing. But then…my best friend is alive and kicking, and I’m gonna see her more this coming summer vacation. YAY! :)

Day 41: write a letter to yourself stating all the things you love about yourself


Dear self,

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Day 40: what are features you get complimented on a lot

This will make me look more vain than I usually am. Hahaha, why is this question even included?! Oh well.

From what I could recall, some people complimented me for having good taste. Natsumi, Ate Pau & I’s Japanese friend, told me that. My eye doctor back in high school also told me I have nice eyes. And…my smile, too. What matters the most to me, though, is when my friends tell me I’m a good listener.

That’s it, I guess? I should be exiting ‘cause I am really embarrassed about having to write these stuff. This challenge becomes more & more of a challenge as time goes by, LOL. :) 

Day 39: why you think you’ve learned more from the good or the bad

I think I can say that I learned the most from the things that seemed good, but turned out to be bad. Mistakes, for example. Real challenges are those that made you feel like giving up. When you do decide to keep going, despite all the bad stuff, that’s when you learn. That’s when you mature. The good things, they of course still teach us something, but mostly it’s the bad ones that help us grow up. :)

Day 38: thoughts on your generation

Well, for one, we are an awesome generation. HAHAHA. Kidding aside, I think we are very lucky & unlucky at the same time. Lucky, because most of the things are made easier, more convenient, what with the emergence of technology. Unlucky because life is more complicated now. I think that comes with all the new discoveries. :)

Day 37: who are you

I’ve been avoiding this one for days already. It’s difficult for me to think of anything remotely interesting & unique to say. But, how can I go to the next day if I put this off, right? Well, maybe I can skip day 37…or just carry on & get it over with.

I have a brief description on the sidebar of my Tumblr, and I also have an ABOUT page here. Check it out if you’re interested.

Hahahaha, I just avoided actually answering this one. It’s just so hard, LOL. Let’s just say the descriptions I have in my blog are enough for now, and I’m just finding more about myself everyday. Like how I’m actually an avid fan of Filipino movies, especially romantic comedy ones.

Day 36: what you think about your friends

I have quite a number of friends, and what I can say about them in general is that they’re really different from each other. I even have friends who hate each other, or simply don’t belong in the same group/circle.

My closest friends, though, are the ones I met in high school. I’ve gone to different circles during high school, but there are those people whom I have stayed friends with until now that I’m in college. Actually, I am still friends with most of my elementary friends, too. Heehee.

As much as I’d like to introduce each of them & add in some descriptions, I can’t for it will make this post too long. Even if I just talk about my closest friends, there are still quite a lot of them. I am planning to introduce them in separate posts when I have time & inspiration to do so. :)

I’ll just say, then, that I love all my friends. Although misunderstandings cannot be avoided, and each of us at some point have done something that one or more of the others don’t approve of, the point is that the friendship remains. I value those friends who have stayed, up to now, even after a lot of issues & such. And those who have already left are always free to go back, if they ever want to. I also don’t just close myself to my present friendships, because I always give room to new ones. Of course, though, I cherish those that are here now.