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I've been devouring books since forever. I write down my messy thoughts hoping that I could make sense of them.

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Good vibes (and my lack of creativity = lame title)

i am suddenly giddy because someone already saw my message on her Formspring account, and actually thanked me for it. she doesn’t know me, and i left an anonymous message, but still! i’m so kilig and i’m actually smiling here, even though i probably look stupid.

plus! i just finished writing this reaction paper for my Comm3 class about the UP vs DLSU debate on ANC’s Square Off. i should probably be sleeping by now, but… i drank avocado cappuccino frappe from J.Co donuts, which opened just recently at Trinoma. it was quite strong, and it’s keeping me awake. I LIKED IT, THOUGH. it’s probably the most unique frappe i ever tasted. Emman introduced J.Co to me months ago, ‘cause he tried it in Indonesia. when we found out today that it has already opened, we went for it. i liked the almond with white chocolate donut (i forgot what it’s called). i’ll surely go back there and try more flavors. i’ll take someone with me next time. ;)

anyway, i missed blogging. it’s been weeks since i last posted something here. it’s actually sad. but my life isn’t that interesting. well actually, the interesting parts are mostly private stuff not meant for this blog. also, our dorm’s internet connection sucks. BIG TIME. so yeah, mostly i just study… LOLJK. mostly i just lie around, watch Skins, Awkward, PLL, etc… that kind of thing. lazy stuff.

and i’m rambling already. END.