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I've been devouring books since forever. I write down my messy thoughts hoping that I could make sense of them.

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BS Hotel Restaurant & Institution Management Batch 2011

Look at how young & innocent we all looked like back then… NOT. But we did look awkward and shy, talking only to those people that we knew already. This was taken on the day of the FWA. We were toured around UPD and yes, we were “forced” to have a block picture there. From what I can remember, we were hesitant at first. I remember offering my camera to the person who toured us, something that took me some guts.

And now… Some of us, including myself, have chosen to shift to other courses. We all have different reasons, and I have stated mine a couple of times in this blog. Some chose to stay, because I guess it’s really their dream course.

I will definitely miss this people. There are 27 of us in our block, I think, and we only have one block in our batch. So basically, those that will continue with HRIM would share most subjects for the next years. That’s one thing I’ll be missing out on. However, I must choose, and I chose to shift. These people will always be my blockmates, though. :)